HRMI provides the following expert services:

Expert reports

Human Rights Monitoring Institute has significant experience in drafting and presenting expert reports in both national and foreign courts. We offer the services of preparing expert reports on human rights issues such as, but no limited to, discrimination, harassment, hate speech, video surveillance, pre-trial detention and prison conditions.

Research and Publications

Human Rights Monitoring Institute conducts research on various human rights issues, legal regulation and practical implementation of human rights in Lithuania. Based on the research, HRMI drafts and publishes studies, reports and other publications.

HRMI’s publications.

Seminars and Lectures

Human Rights Monitoring Institute organizes and hosts lectures, seminars to present the human rights situation, the system of human rights institutions and their activities in Lithuania, as well as to discuss the actual implementation of human rights in the country.

Policy Briefings

HRMI participates in law-drafting process by providing legal comments and suggestions concerning the draft laws, as well as opinions on their compliance with the European Human Rights Convention or other international human rights documents and international standards.