Mėta Adutavičiūtė is an Advocacy Officer at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute. She graduated from Vilnius University with a B.A. in Politics and International Relations and continued her studies at Leicester University in the United Kingdom where she earned an LL.M with distinction in Human Rights Law.

Before joining HRMI, Ms Adutavičiūtė was working as a litigation assistant at Refugee and Migrant Justice, a UK-based legal aid charity that provided legal representation to asylum seekers. Later, she joined Reprieve, a London based human rights NGO, as a freelance researcher.

Ms Adutavičiūtė specializes in victims’ rights, domestic violence, child’s rights, freedom of information, children placed in institutional care issues. She has drafted studies and reports on the right to information, gender equality, domestic violence, child’s rights, etc.


Natalija Bitiukova is a Deputy Director at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute. Ms Bitiukova holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Mykolas Romeris University based in Vilnius and LL.M. in Human Rights and the European Union Law from the Central European University in Budapest.

Ms Bitiukova has worked as a Program Assistant at the Open Society Justice Initiative in Budapest, where she focused on freedom of information, freedom of expression, national criminal justice reform and other human rights issues. She has also interned at PILnet Budapest.

Ms Bitiukova is an expert of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, right to private life and data protection, anti-discrimination law, rights of victims and other vulnerable groups, and other human rights issues.

Ms Bitiukova is the author and founder of first Lithuanian e-learning platform without-limits.eu. She coordinated and launched the first e-learning course on the rights of domestic violence victims in Lithuania. She has extensively cooperated with Lithuanian police and prosecution authorities by delivering training and providing consultations on criminal justice and victim rights matters.


Vilma Gabrieliūtė is an educoligist, trainer, human rights activist, head of the NGO House of Diversity and Education, author of Diverse Family platform (www.ivairiseima.lt).

Ms Gabrieliūtė conducts interactive trainings for experts and parents about multiple discrimination, sexuality, gender, empowerment of women, human rights, social integration, equal opportunities.

She uses experiential, game, reflexive pedagogy methods to promote critical thinking, to encourage looking for new solutions, and to widen the ways of thinking and behaving. She also helps to recognize your own attitudes, personal stereotypes and strengthen social competences.

Ms Gabrieliūtė contributes to equal opportunities at preschool education, initiates diversity policies at work, develops sexual education programs for teachers, parents and adolescents, and actively participates in the social activities by raising public awareness.


Jūratė Guzevičiūtė works as a Legal Director at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Lithuania. She holds an LL.M. degree in Public International Law from Leiden University (the Netherlands) and a Master of Laws degree from Vilnius University, Faculty of Law.

Her main areas of expertise include non-discrimination litigation, harassment at work, equal opportunities, gender equality, protection of rights of vulnerable groups, disability rights, legal capacity, rights of victims of human trafficking, victims of domestic violence. She also specializes in freedom of expression, free speech, hate speech and hate crimes.

Ms Guzevičiūtė has lead strategic litigation on issues of domestic violence, discrimination, disability rights, inclusive education, rights of unaccompanied minors (illegal detention), hate speech, etc. She has conducted research into rights of hate crime victims, gender equality in Lithuania, drafted studies on state guaranteed legal aid, human rights protection guide, etc.

Before joining HRMI Ms Guzevičiūtė worked as a pro bono legal assistant at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague, and interned at the DG Humanitarian Aid at the European Commission in Brussels.


Karolis Liutkevičius is a Legal Officer at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Lithuania, and has been with the organization since July 2011. Mr Liutkevičius holds a Master of Laws degree from Vilnius University.

His main areas of expertise include human rights protection in the criminal justice system and the legal regime of right to privacy. Mr Liutkevičius has conducted extensive research into the use of pre-trial detention in Lithuania, as well as other criminal proceedings issues, and has also participated in HRMI’s litigation on issues of illegal detention, as well as has acted as an expert witness in several European Arrest Warrant cases on the issue of detention in Lithuania.


Henrikas Mickevičius is a lawyer, human rights expert, HRMI founder and senior adviser. As of 2015, Mr Mickevičius is a member of the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances.

Mr Mickevičius is an expert of the right to fair trial, freedom of assembly, free speech, prohibition of torture. Mr Mickevičius regularly conducts training on the human rights issues for the judges, prosecutors, lawyers and NGO representatives in Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova; he also participates in various international projects.

Mr Mickevičius graduated from the law of the Vilnius University, Faculty of Law with a specialization in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, and did post-graduate studies at George Washington University and Dickinson School of Law (human rights and public international law). He is affiliated with the United Nations Centre for Human Rights (New York) and the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg).

In 2013, upon Dean‘s invitation, he was teaching at Duke Law School (USA). In 2015-2016, Mr Mickevičius teaches as a visiting professor of European Law at the Emory University School of Law.


Dainius Pūras is a children and adolescent psychiatrist, professor at Vilnius University, teaching children psychiatry and society mental health. As of 2014, he serves as a UN Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.

Mr Pūras is an expert of the rights of children, persons with mental disabilities, and other vulnerable groups. mental health, violence and suicide prevention, integration and rights of people with intellectual or psycho-social disabilities, rights and needs of children with developmental disabilities.

Mr Pūras is the author of the idea to establish the Child Development Center, at Vilnius University Hospital, where he currently serves as a consultant. He was the founder of Lithuanian society of families with children who have intellectual disabilities; the first President of Lithuanian Psychiatric Association; the Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University.

Between 2007 and 2011, Mr Pūras served as a member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. He has been an independent expert and consultant to numerous Governments, NGOs, and UN agencies and programmes in the field of the right to health.