Our mission – to strengthen an open and democratic society by contributing to protection and fostering of human rights and freedoms.

Vision – a society where human dignity, liberty and equality before the law are respected.

About HRMI

The Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI) is a non-governmental, non-profit human rights organization. Since its establishment in 2003, HRMI has been advocating for full compliance of national laws and policies with international human rights obligations and working to ensure that rights are effective in practice.

The team of HRMI’s social, humanitarian, and health sciences experts conducts research, drafts legal and policy briefings, compiles reports to international human rights bodies, undertakes strategic cases before domestic and international courts, engages in various national and international projects, conducts educational activities, delivers trainings and e-learning courses for professionals.

Our values:

  • Culture of respect – maintaining respectful relations within the organisation and in our work with partners and clients.
  • Openness – being open to diversity and following the principles of publicity and transparency in all our activities.
  • Responsibility – being reliable and aiming for the highest quality of our work.
  • Cooperation – believing that with partners we can achieve more, and especially valuing teamwork.
  • Inclusiveness – believing in the benefits of diversity and the importance of every member of society.
  • Democracy – promoting the integration of democratic principles in our organisation, the state and society.

Fields of activity:

  • Inclusion of disadvantaged groups
  • Integration of human rights-based approach in mental health policies and services for people with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities
  • Protection of the rights of migrants and asylum seekers