Seminar on Support to Victims of Crime

September 24, 2015

“We have to be ready to respond to EU-wide challenges and help victims of crime“, vice-minister of social affairs Algirdas Šešelgis opened a seminar for the officers and specialists.

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During the seminar held by HRMI and Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, the experts of Victim Support Europe discussed with the seminar participants how to organise provision of support services to victims of crime in Lithuania.

In Lithuania, only victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and child victims receive specialised support. The services remain fragmented and under-resourced.

Levent Altan, executive director of „Victim Suport Europe“ introduced the requirements of the Directive and spoke on the basic rights of victims. He also covered various practices across the member states in providing victim support and their readiness to implement the Directive.

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Helgard Van Huellen from „Weisser Ring“, an oldest victim support organisation in Germany, shared experience in victim support. „Weisser Ring“ has been founded almost 40 years ago and is supported by volunteers. There are 3000 volunteers in 420 units across the country.

We mostly support victims of assault – more than one third of all victims, victims of sexual violence – almost one thind, and victims of theft, robbery, fraud.

After the transposition of EU Victims Directive (2012), all victims of crime in Lithuania will have a right to free support services: emotional support, psychological counselling, social and legal support.

Seminar participants: representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Prisons Department, Police Department, Prosecutor General’s Office, National Courts administration, State Legal Aid Service, Criminal Police Bureau.

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