HRMI introduce informational website for victims of crime

February 22, 2018

Experiencing a crime can affect people in many ways. It can cause certain negative feelings, stress, anxiety and fear. There are certain rights that every victim of crime has, however, not everyone is aware of them. The main factors that can reduce stress caused by a crime is an understandable and accessible information on what to do next, how the investigation will be conducted, and what kind of assistance and help can be obtained.

Therefore, Human Rights Monitoring Institute presents informational website, which provides necessary and useful information for victims of crime.

The crimes can affect not only adults but also children, and this site is tailored to the younger users as well. Just one-click can create access to a special version for children and adolescents. This version provides information on what constitutes a crime, what kind of help can be acquired, how the crime investigation and trial are taking place, what rights they have and how can child participate in the process.

Website will be soon available in English, Polish and Russian languages.

Partners: Human Rights Monitoring Institute and Lithuanian Police School.