Launching a project “Global Immigration Detention Observatory”

January 16, 2024

The project promotes cooperation between the Global Detention Project, a non-governmental organisation working to end arbitrary and harmful detention practices related to migration, and other partner organisations, researchers and human rights practitioners from many countries around the world, with the primary aim of promoting immigration detention reforms through rigorous research, data collection, analysis and reporting. The project aims to ensure that local detention conditions receive global attention, while helping to raise awareness of initiatives at international level, taking into account local realities and needs.

The project is based on an interactive online database that would serve as a consolidated tool to document immigration detention laws, practices and policies in all countries that rely on international human rights law. The database is designed to give advocates and researchers a clear picture of state policies, the lack of effective action, and to highlight the lack of real efforts to meet their human rights obligations. It will also help to assess how different detention systems are working, to develop data-driven advocacy, to promote transparency, and to produce targeted reports for human rights monitoring.

The aim is to develop a respectful and dignified understanding of the impact of detention on the lives of migrants and asylum seekers. Trying to make detention policy less attractive to decision-makers.

Within the framework of this project, the Human Rights Monitoring Institute will collect data on the situation in Lithuania, assess information gaps, make suggestions on areas that should be given more attention, ensure transparency, and share experiences between countries and organisations.

Photo by Sébastien Goldberg I Unsplash