HRMI starts new project on victims’ rights

September 12, 2016

On 1 September, HRMI launched a new project on improving protection of victims rights through training of professionals.

The primary purpose of the project “Developing an EU Training Module for the Victims’ Directive”, led by Irish Council of Civil Liberties, is to develop a new training module on Victims’ Directive, and provide trainings to relevant groups of professionals in Lithuania, Ireland, Hungary, Portugal and Slovenia.

The project will start with the survey to identify the training needs among various groups of specialists dealing with victims of crime. The next step will be the development of the training programme and the guide on training. The material will focus on five core areas: (1) the needs of victims; (2) training on the Victims Directive (3) training on and the cross-examination of children who are victims of crime (4) training on and the cross-examination of victims with disabilities (5) training on and the cross-examination of victims of gender based violence

The new training module will be applied in practice by organising trainins for police officers, prosecutors and judges. A separate e-training module will be launched in the elearning environment

The impact of the project will be discussed during the final conference, which will take place in Dublin, Ireland.

Every year, around 50 thousand people in Lithuania become victims of crime. 2014 research shows that victims lack information on their rights, legal advice, psychological and emotional support.

In 2015, HRMI has submitted recommendations to the Lithuanian Government to ensure effective transposition of EU Victims’ Rights Directive to the national legal framework.

The Directive establishes minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime by ensuring that persons who have fallen victim of crime are recognised, treated with respect and receive proper protection, support and access to justice.

Project is funded by: