The Practice of Pre-Trial Detention: Monitoring Alternatives and Judicial Decision-Making (completed)

2014 / 06 / 01 Žymos:


The overall objective of the project is to inform the development of future initiatives aiming to reduce the unnecessary use of pre-trial detention (PTD) within the EU by building a unique evidence-base regarding what, in practice, is causing the use of PTD.

Project period 2014 06 01 – 2016 06 30
Partnership Lithuania, Romania, Ireland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Italy
Project snapshot



1. In the course of the research, 20 court hearings regarding the PTD were monitored, material of 61 cases was analysed, 36 lawyer, 4 judges and 5 prosecutors were interviewed.

2. Trends and weaknesses were identified and recommendations for improving the decision-making in PTD cases were provided.

3. Research report was published in Lithuanian and English and disseminated extensively. This findings were discussed at the round-tables with the Lithuanian defence lawyers and, separately, with the prosecutors at the General prosecutor’s office.


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