Human Rights in Lithuania 2013-2014: Overview (completed)

2015 / 01 / 01 Žymos:

This projects focuses on the production of the “Human Rights Overview in Lithuania: 2013-2014” and aims at filling the gap of public human rights education by raising society‘s awareness on human rights situation in Lithuania, major challenges in the field and the most recent trends in human rights law and politics. Human Rights Overview has been launched in 2004 and up to date is the only publication of a kind in Lithuania.

Project period 2015 01 01 – 2015 07 01
Partnership Lithuania, Iceland
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1. We brought together 20 experts from various backgrounds, including sociology, criminology, law and others to conduct an independent analyses of a range of human rights isses in Lithuania: domestic violence, child protection, conditions of prisons, refugees and asylum seekers’ rights, rights of persons with disabilities, human trafficking, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, protection of privacy and others

2. We held a press conference  at the Lithuanian Parliament to present the Overview to the Lithuanian decision makers and met HE Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of Lithuanian Republic to discuss the most pressing humanr rights concerns

3. Over 400 copies of the Overview were distributed to the regional libraries and educational institutions

4. Human Rights Overview became available in a convenient online format in English at

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