T@LK – online support for victims of crime

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By increasing victim support organisations’ knowledge of the possibilities, benefits and challenges of victim support through online support, project T@LK aims to build capacity to proceed with a pilot implementation of such a model, to complement the coventional support avenues already in place.


Project period  

2016 04 01 – 2018 03 01


Coordinator and Partnership Project is promoted by the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) and with the partnership of Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Victim Support Finland, Victim Support Malta, Catalan Victimology Society and Victim Support Europe.   








1. Desk research on existing online support methods and tools, their appropriateness to victim support, their benefits and pitfalls and identifiable best practices

2. Production of a handbook on online support to victims of crime, gathering the information collected through desk research and survey analysis, giving practical advice and promoting best practices

3. Study visit by the partners and associate partners to a key organisation identified as best practice in the field

4. Development of procedures and guidelines for victim support workers providing support through the created online support tool

5. Meeting with key stakeholders in one of the non-implementing partner countries to ensure further increase of victim support through awareness raising on the possibilities of online support.

 Project is co-financed by the Justice Programme of the European Union