“Erika” case – right to respect for private life

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Proceedings initiated: 2008

Proceedings closed: 2008

Case in brief: after completing gender reassingment surgery abroad, the applicant was unable to change her ID documents in Lithuania

Outcome of the case: following the court’s order, the applicant’s ID documents were changed

Facts of the case:

In the case of “Erika”, the applicant who underwent gender-reassignment surgery abroad was unable to change her personal identity documents in Lithuania. With HRMI assistance, the applicant filed a complaint with the court requesting to oblige responsible state institutions to issue the applicant with new identity documents. In order to safeguard the privacy of the applicant, the case was heard behind the closed doors.

Legal proceedings:

On 20 March 2008, Vilnius District Court granted the application and ordered state institutions to amend applicant’s personal data, including her ID number and identity documents. The judgement has been fully implemented.