Defending legal rights of domestic violence victims (completed)

2014 / 11 / 05 Tags: ,

The project aims to improve access to justice for the victims of domestic violence crime in Lithuania and Belarus through increased capacities of women rights NGOs, victim support services providers and legal professionals.

Project period 2014 11 05 – 2015 12 31
Partnership Lithuania, Belarus, Norway
Project snapshot


1. We held an international networking event between victim support service providers, lawyers and women rights advocates from Norway, Belarus and Lithuania

2. In October 2015 we launched the first interactive learning platform offering the on-line course  “Domestic Violence: what every professional should know” in Lithuanian and Russian

3. Since October the platform attracted over 350 e-students (police officers, prosecutors, lawyers, social workers), 168 of them has already successfully finished the course and received a certificate.

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