The practice of pre-trial detention in Lithuania (2015)

2015 / 12 / 20 Tags:

HRMI conducted a wide, unique, evidence-based research on PTD decision-making process and the use of alternatives through in-depth surveys of defense practitioners, monitoring detention hearings, reviewing case files, and interviewing prosecutors and judges.

“The results of the research gave a twofold impression. On the one hand, the overall assessment of the situation in Lithuania is significantly improving: in the summer of 2015, the practice of PTD process was reformed in order to improve protection of human rights in this area. In general, the tendency of using pre-trial detention is decreasing. On the other hand, a great number of problems related to the PTD decision-making process still exist”, says lead researcher, HRMI lawyer Karolis Liutkevičius.

To name some of the problems, the courts still grant more than 9 out of 10 prosecutors’ requests to detain the person, whilst the quality of legal aid in detention cases is extremely poor.  The alternative means of PTD such as house arrest or bail are still widely distrusted.