Tackling Hate Crime and Hate Speech in Europe

October 31, 2018

The Comparative Report “Tackling Hate Crime and Hate Speech in Europe” was elaborated as one of the outputs of the project titled Tackling Hate Crime and Hate Speech that has been jointly implemented by non-governmental organisations from Slovakia (People in Need), Czech Republic (In IUSTITIA), Hungary (Subjective Values Foundation), Lithuania (Human Rights Monitoring Institute), and Malta (The People for Change Foundation). Publication consists of three main parts: “Comparative Hate Crime Report”, “Hate Crime and Hate Speech Reporting in Europe: a Collection of Good Practices”, “Manual for Development of Online Hate Crime Reporting Mechanism”.

The principal purpose of this publication is to guide the reader through the most relevant issues of hate crime and hate speech, not merely from the viewpoint of legislative or law application practice in select European countries. Another ambition of the publication is to reveal to laymen as well as experts a potentially effective tool of increasing the currently low rate of detecting and reporting these crimes. Last but not least, it may serve as a valuable aid for all those who may feel inspired by efforts to establish such a tool and launch its operation in their home country.



The publication was written in a framework of international project “Tackling hate crime and hate speech in Europe”, co-funded by Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union.