Effective implementation of the right to a lawyer and legal aid under the Stockholm Programme

2016 / 05 / 01 Tags:

The project aims to strengthen the procedural rights of suspects and accused in criminal proceedings by increasing knowledge and the capacity to apply the Directive 2013/48/EU (“Right of access to a lawyer directive”) and Recommendation C(2013) 8179/2 (“Right to legal aid recommendation”) among legal professionals.

Project period 2016 06 01 – 2017 12 31
Partnership Lithuania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia
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1. National study to assess the scope and quality of access to a lawyer and legal aid in Lithuania through case-file research, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

2. Production of handbooks on the implementation of the EU and ECtHR-level standards on the right to a lawyer/right to legal aid.

3. Roll out of  capacity-building workshops for key stakeholders and launch of the on-line course.


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