Ensuring Sustainable Organizational Development

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The purpose of the project is to support HRMI, a partner of the European Liberties Platform, in order to strengthen its EU-oriented advocacy and communication capacies, as well as develop diversified fundraising avenues.

Project term 2015 07 01 – 2018 07 01
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1. We took part in two fundraising seminars, and organized over five individual consultations with fundraising experts. As a result, we developed a long-term result-oriented HRMI fundraising strategy

2. After extensive consultations with in-house and outside experts, we developed 2015-2017 HRMI strategic activity plan

3. Since 2015, to meet the growing demand, we started providing fee-based trainings and legal consultations in the area of human rights

4. We created and contributed to by editing over 1 000 posts on the multilangual civil liberties news portal 

We are grateful for the financial support to