Expert task force searched for practical solutions to improve victims‘ rights protection

2017 / 05 / 02 Tags:

On 27-28 April, HRMI held expert task force meeting as part of the project „Improved response to victims of crime“.

During the two-days long intensive meeting, experts from police, prosecution office and non-governmental organisations were developing the framework and contents for practical handbook and training programme for law enforcement officers, designed to enhance interaction with victims of crime.

During group workshops, the experts sought to identify the needs of crime victims at various stages of criminal procedure, and how those needs should be addressed by the officers or other relevant actors.

Large portion of the meeting was dedicated to more vulnerable victims of crime such as children or people with disabilities, and victims of specific crimes such as domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking.

Expert knowledge pooled during the meeting as well as concrete and practical tips and advice for the officers, how to interact with victims with specific needs, will be incorporated into the handbook and the training programme.

It is anticipated that the handbook will be released by the end of this year, whilst the training should start in early 2018.

Participants of the meeting: Lithuanian Police School, Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau,  Vilnius Regional Prosecution Office, Vilnius Local Prosecution Office, expert from the Institute of Police Education in Sweden, KOPZI centre, Centre for Equality Advancement, Child Support Centre, association “Hope” (people with intellectual disabilities and their families), “Mental Health Perspectives” and HRMI.