Beyond surrender

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The project seeks to provide a human insight into the treatment of people following surrender under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), and to identify and illustrate good and bad practice in post-surrender treatment to support effective implementation of the EAW Framework decision.

Project period 2016 06 01 – 2018 03 01
Partnership Lithuania, Belgium. Romania, Spain, Poland
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1. Identifying and post-surrender monitoring of 20 cases in Lithuania  to obtain information on: the enjoyment of Roadmap rights; the use of pre-trial detention or alternatives; the proportionality of the EAW; and the human impact of surrender.

2. Documenting the findings of the monitoring in country reports and producing 6-3 human stories featuring detailed case studies and videos illustrating the human face of issues identified through monitoring.

3. Publishing and launching a major regional report, video and summary booklet highlighting common themes and using human stories to support conclusions and recommendations.

We are grateful for the financial support to  komisija