Alternative Report and Submissions to the UN HRC 2010-2013

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In November 2010, HRMI submitted the alternative Report prepared for the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the occasion of its review of Lithuania’s Third Periodic Report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

See the full text of the Alternative Report here.

In July 2012, the UN Human Rights Committee reviewed the third periodic report of Lithuania. At the end of that review the Human Rights Committee adopted concluding observations (see here), including three recommendations which it selected for the follow-up procedure.

Under this procedure the State is asked to provide information one year after the review on the measures taken to implement these recommendations. The recommendations selected for the follow-up procedure on Lithuania were to adopt all necessary measures aimed at eradicating discrimination against LGBT individuals (recommendation 8); ensure effective investigation into allegations of Lithuania’s complicity in human rights violations as a result of counterterrorism measures (recommendation 9), and to eliminate the institution of detention for administrative offences from Lithuania‘s system of law enforcement (recommendation 12).

On 7 October 2013 HRMI submitted a follow-up report to the UN Human Rights Committee providing its assessment of the implementation of the Committee‘s  Recommendation No. 9.

HRMI underlined that no action has been taken by the State to investigate the allegations of its complicity in the CIA secret detention and extraordinary rendition programme. To date, no criminal charges were brought, no official was held accountable, and no redress was provided to the victims.

Lithuanian Gay League (LGL) submitted its comments on the implementation of Recommendation no 8.

The follow-up report was prepared in cooperation with the Geneva-based Centre for Political and Civil Rights.

See the follow-up report prepared by HRMI and LGL here.