New studies find low awareness of data protection among Lithuanian business and public
Campaign to protect the diversity of families
EŽTT imasi nagrinėti "Jėzaus džinsų" bylą
HRMI starts new project on victims' rights
Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism
Measure of last resort? Report on detention in EU
"Country without orphanages" - HRMI- initiated awareness-raising initiative promoting foster care and adoption of orphans
"" - eLearning platform launched by the HRMI in 2015. The platform currently offers free e-course on domestic violence for all who encounter it in their line of work.
"Human Rights Overview" - a comprehensive analysis of the state of civil and political rights and freedoms in Lithuania. Released biennially since 2004
"NGO Programme Lithuania" - 5,5 mln financial support programme for strengthening civil society and promoting human rights in Lithuania. HRMI is the Programme Operator since 2012
"" - a multilingual human rights news and e-participation website lead by twelve human rights organizations from across the EU
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